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GA Europe’s restructuring services focus on valuing retail assets, lending to retailers and working out distressed retail situations.

We Value

We value assets. Clarity and certainty around stock recovery values for asset based lenders are critical. That’s why they and other financial institutions depend on the accuracy and speed of GA Europe’s stock appraisals to support their valuations or independent bank reviews. Our in-house expertise in Europe is underpinned by Great American Group’s long-held, market leading position in providing stock valuations to lenders in the US. 

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We Lend

We lend to retailers.  We work in collaboration with our sister company GA Capital to provide a compelling asset based lending capability to retailers across Europe, providing them with a viable alternative to traditional forms of finance.  Whether you are seeking to restructure existing debts, fuel a growth strategy or enhance your liquidity profile, we can provide secured loans from circa £10m to £200m. These loans are secured by a retailer’s collateral assets, primarily its stock, but in some cases its intellectual capital, receivables and property. GA Europe’s financial strength, flexible approach and deep understanding of stock recoveries mean we can offer a competitive and tailored funding solution to meet each individual borrower’s needs.

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We Work-Out

We resolve complex, distressed retail situations. We do this by working in partnership with a retailer and its stakeholders to work out the best solution, whether it’s acquiring a retailer’s distressed debt, buying out a retailer’s underperforming format, implementing a store closure process or advising on distressed trading strategy.  More often than not, it’s a combination of the above, enabling retailers, insolvency practitioners and other business advisors to focus on their core competencies.  Read more here.

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Phone: +44 (0)20 7318 0570
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Address: 14 Berkeley Street,
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